November 10, 2015

The Baja Dad Race Prep crew heads south of the border to pre-run the SCORE Baja 1000. Team rider Troy Vanscourt is set to race with team Monkey Business on the 13X bike in Class 22. Along with Troy, the team will include Ricardo De La Pena, Austin Miller and Tony Gera. We would like to wish the entire team goodluck as they travel to Baja, California, Mexico for the race of which begins on November 20, 2015!

November 1, 2015

The Baja Dad Race Prep WR250F build makes the cover of Dirtbike Magazine's November issue. This build was awesome and even more fun to ride. Thank you to all who helped us make this happen. Make sure to go by your local news stand and pick yourself up a copy! 




November 20, 2015

Team rider Troy Vanscourt makes his SCORE International Baja 1000 debut with Team Monkey Business on their Open Pro bike of 13X. Austin Miller started the race in Ensenada on Friday morning at 6:00am and rode to Erendria where he would hand off the bike to Troy. Running 6th overall, it was shaping up to be a great race for the team until Troy experienced some issues with the clutch and had to ride 120 miles of his section without a clutch. Once Troy got the bike to the next rider Tony Gera, they were able to fix the clutch problem and continue on with the race. It was great to see how well Troy dealt with the situation and continued to put in a solid ride. Tony would continue on and get the bike to San Felipe at dark. From there Ricardo De la Pena, Paul Lopez and Flipper manchester rode well getting the bike to the finish in 8th overall. Considering the mechanical problems, we are very happy with the teams performance and would like to give a big thanks to all who helped make this happen. We at Baja Dad Race Prep are looking forward to next year as we plan to compete in the entire SCORE series! All in all it was a great experience for Troy and we cherish the memories we made down in Baja! 

The Baja Dad race team came in hot to the Henderson 250 with two bikes racing in two different classes! Team riders Troy Vanscourt and Jeremy Newton piloted the N47 machine in the Open Pro class making thier pro debut in BITD. Team riders Austin Bolton and Tyler Vanscourt were aboard the 225 bike in the 300 Expert class. 

Troy was the 3rd Open Pro to leave the line, 30 seconds behind Robby Bell and Axel Pearson who started together. As we have been told, Troy was sending it right from the get go. At the half way mark of the first of three loops he had taken the overall lead and put roughly a minute on both his competitors. Unfortunately, around a half mille before completing his first loop and with an approximated two minute lead, Troy clipped a rather large rock while coming over the crest of a hill. This incident resulted in the N47 bike having to pull out of the race due to the damage done to both the bike and Troy himself. Thankfully he sustained only minor injuries and will be back in the saddle in no time. 

On a more positive note, Austin started for the 225 team and took it to the halfway mark of the first loop where Tyler then rode a full loop battling with the fireball of the sun the whole way. The two riders exchanged again in which Austin completed his full loop with no mistakes! Tyler finished for the team and brought it home for a 1st Place in the 300 Expert class. Both of these young men rode a very consistent and mistake free race and we at BDRP are very proud to be able to support them.

Overall, 2015 was a great learning year for Baja Dad Race Prep as well as our team members. We couldn't be more happy with how this past year turned out and we couldn't have done it without the support of our entire crew, riders, all the sponsors that support us, as well as the family members of every member of the program. We are expecting big things for 2016 and we can't wait to see what the new year has in store for us. Thanks for reading and happy holidays!

October 31, 2015

2015 Big 6 GP Gorman, CA Race Recap 

What a great weekend at the races! Not only did we enjoy the event in Gorman, we also had fun with family and friends. Austin Bolton took an 8th place finish in the WCGP 250 novice class followed by Tyler Vanscourt in 9th. Tyler Vanscourt had a rough crash of which he dislocated his shoulder. He did end up finishing, showing great perseverence and dedication. Troy Vanscourt topped the WCGP Heavyweight class, winning with a commanding lead. He finished the Int/Exp/Pro WCGP with his best overall of 11th place. We would like to thank all of our sponsors and supporters who continue to make this possible and allow us to have fun!  

September 12, 2015

Punta Banda Grand Prix Ensenada, B.C. Mexico Race Recap

We had a great time traveling south of the border to Ensenada, Baja California where Troy Vanscourt raced Lou Peralta's Grand Prix! Troy got off to a great start as he was second coming out of the first turn. We remind you that Troy was riding the 250 Pro class of which started on the same line as the Open Pro class. About 5 miles into the race Troy took over the lead and was first in class and first overall. He would go on to ride a smooth and consistent race  with quick pit stops by the Baja Dad Race Prep crew, allowing him to take the Overall and 250 Pro class win. We would like to congratulate Troy on his success down south showing he can run up front and win races with tough competition. Overall the trip was a success for us at Baja Dad Race Prep!







February 15, 2015

Mark Vanscourt reveals his XR 650 Rally build. Head over to the bike builds page to check it out!

2018 NEWS Comming soon

February 15, 2015

Today Icon/Raiden released the Lords of Atlas documentary, which was filmed throughout the 2014 Norra Mexican 1000. This video follows Mark Vanscourt, Ernie Vigil, and Joe Bolton as they put the Triumph Tiger 800XC to the test in baja. Please click the link below to view the documentary!


The Multitool USA, Forest Plywood, Baja Dad Race Prep backed number 225 bike piloted by Austin Bolton and Tyler Vanscourt were set to go racing at this years Parker 250. Competing against a stacked field, they had their work cut out from them from the start. Tyler would start the race for the team and quickly gained ground as he moved into second in class by midway. Tyler said, “visibility was slim due to the sun, but I just kept pushing forward.” He handed the bike off to Austin Bolton who would go on to ride a full loop taking it back to Tyler. Austin stayed consistent only giving up one position to the Baja Bound team of Tim and Grant Morton. Austin then handed the bike back to Tyler who would get on for his second stint of the race. Tyler charged hard ultimately gaining ground on his competitors as he moved into second place in class. Tyler said, “the technicality of the rocks through jeep trail made things difficult, but I just stayed patient and kept it on two wheels while trying to maintain good speed.” He did a great job of staying consistent despite the tough obstacles of the race course. Tyler passed the bike off to Austin Bolton who would go on to finish the race. Austin said, “ I was battling with Grant Morton and as he came over into my line it caused me to make a mistake and go down.” Although Austin hit the ground he got up quickly and made it to the finish safely with minor scratches and bruises to his hands. The 225 bike would eventually finish third on the day in the 300 expert class. We are very proud of both Austin and Tyler and their solid finish at this years Parker 250. They would like to thank Multitool USA, Forest Plywood, Baja Dad Race Prep, GPR Stabilizer, IMS Products, Seat Concepts, ZLT, TBT suspension, Dunlop, Supersprox, MSR, Scorpion Helmets, Sidi Moto USA, and everyone else. Pictures by Mark Kariya.


Best in the Desert Henderson 250

2016 Best in the Desert THR Motorsports Parker 250 Race Recap


It was a cold morning as we headed to the start line for the first race of the 2016 Best in the Desert series. The THR Motorsports, Precision Concepts, Baja Dad Race Prep Open Pro team of Troy Vanscourt and Jeremy Newton on the N47 bike were ready to race. We started third off the line in thirty-second intervals behind the N66 of Dahlberg and the N2 of Nick Burson and Axel Pearson. We got off to a good start as we moved into second overall behind N2 by the mid way pit. Troy Vanscourt said he struggled with visibility as he battled the sun coming into midway for about 10 to 15 miles. As Troy handed the bike over to Jeremy Newton at midway he was about a minute and thirty seconds behind the overall leader. Jeremy got on the bike and immediately began charging hard to chase down the leader. He was very consistent and smooth throughout his first lap on the bike ultimately staying close behind the overall lead. Troy got back on the bike for his second stint of the race and pushed hard to gain time on the leader. Troy says he, “hardly let off the gas and pushed very hard”. Troy did a great job of making up time as he gained 45 seconds on the N2 bike by mile 160 of the 250-mile race. Unfortunately, he experienced some issues when he ran out of gas just a mile before the entrance to the main pit. Troy was forced to push the bike the rest of the way into the pit and refuel before heading out on his last section to hand the bike over to Jeremy. This cost the team about 10 minutes or more on time and would make it very hard to take the overall lead from the fast moving Beta of Nick Burson. Jeremy Newton would get on the bike and take it to the finish. Jeremy says he, “battled hard with the bike to make it to the finish.” While our Dunlop tires worked great all race, we shredded and melted our tire inserts due to the high-speed roads of the race course. At the end of the day the N47 bike would finish second overall and second Open Pro. We as a team are happy with a solid second place finish by Troy and Jeremy, and are looking forward to the next race. Thank you to everyone that has made this possible, THR Motorsports, Precision Concepts, Baja Dad Race Prep, IMS Products, GPR Stabilizer, Seat Concepts, Dunlop, ZLT, FMF, Torc1 racing, Hinson Clutch Components, Supersprox, MSR hard parts, UFO plastics, Pro Taper, Zip-Ty Racing, Malcom Smith Racing, Scorpion Helmets, Sidi Moto USA, and everyone else! Pictures by Mark Kariya and Mike Miner. 


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