Triump Tiger 800 XC'S

Both of these bikes are 2014 Triump Tiger 800XC's Built for the 2014 NORRA Mexican 1000. When Baja Dad Race Prep recieved these motorcycles they were completely stock straight from the dealer. With the support of Motorworks Chicago, Triumph Motor Corporation, and Icon/Raiden, Mark Vanscourt spent many of hours transforming a stock motorcycle into a baja conquering machine. The primary goal of this build was to create an adventure motorcycle that was relatively close to what can be bought in stores. As you can see the bikes turned out great and after battling through adversity, both bikes conquered the grueling terrain of baja ultimately finishing the Norra Mexican 1000.

This is Mark Vanscourt's 2010 Husaberg 570 rally bike of which he built for the Baja Rally. This bike includes some key components such as the RS Concepts navigational tower, and the Seventy Degree rear fuel tanks.


2013 Baja Rally race bike.

2013 Norra Mexican 1000 race bike.

Pictured here is a 2011 KTM 690 built by Baja Dad Race Prep for Mark vanscourt to race in the NORRA 1000. This bike features some key components such as Rally Raid Products UK Evo 2 tanks, navigation tower, and fairing.

2007 Honda CRF 450X rally bike.

Mark Vanscourt  built this bike originally to race the Baja Rally 2.0.

2012 Norra Mexican1000 race bike.

This is Mark Vanscourt's 2007 KTM 640 rally bike built by Baja Dad Race Prep for the NORRA Mexican 1000.

2007 Honda CRF 450X rally bike.

 This bike was used at several of Jimmy Lewis's navigational schools as well as to prepare for multiple events.

Steve Hengevelds's 2014 Baja Rally 2.0 race bike.

Mark Vanscourt of Baja Dad Race Prep built this 2007 Honda CRF 450X for Monkey Business. Steve Hengeveld navigated this Baja Dad Race Prepped machine to multiple stage victories, and was able to finish the rally 3rd overall.

2014 Norra Mexican 1000 Rally race bike.

This throwback inspired rally race bike was built for Johhny Scheff of Motorworks Chicago, to take on the NORRA 1000. It is a 2007 Honda CRF 450X that was previously built and raced in the 2010 Dakar Rally by another rider.

2007 XR 650 Rally Bike

This is our latest rally build! When Mark picked this bike up it was in excellent condition. We took it to the next level, but we couldnt do it without all the support of our sponsors. Here is a list of parts we added to get this bike rally ready!

Fast Company/Flex Bars, Highway Dirt Bike Handgaurds, GPR Stabilizer, Aurora Rally Equipment, Kenaroo Rally Fairings, UFO Plastic, Seat Concepts Seat/Seat Cover, IMS Rally Footpegs, Warp 9 Wheels/Levers, BRP Triple Clamps/ Chain Block, Percision Concepts Suspension, Galfer Brake Lines, DP Brake Pads, Supersprox Sprockets, Hinson Racing Clutch Components, XR's ONLY Factory Replica Exhaust, DID Gold Chain, Dunlop Tires, Michelin BIB Mousse's, Twin Air Filter. Raiden Icon printed all the graphics and ZLT did the backgrounds. We also could not have done this project without he help of Multitool USA and Dirt Bike Magazine. We cannot thank eveyone enough for all the help and support behind this project.


Adventure/Rally Bikes

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