Tyler Vanscourt's YZ 250 2-Stroke race bike.

This is a 2006 Yamaha YZ 250 that was prepped by BDRP for Tyler to race in the 2015 season. When we got the bike it was completely spray painted black, therefore that made it a tough build from the start. With many hours of hard work, Baja Dad Race Prep was able to make this machine a true beauty.  


Troy Vanscourt's YZ 250 2-Stroke race bike.

Here is Troy's  2005 Yamaha YZ 250 with 2007 updated suspension. This build brings a unique retro look to the modern YZ 250. With a variety of upgrades and the magic touch of Baja Dad Race Prep, we were able to build a very well performing and reliable race bike.

Tanner Vanscourt's YZ 250 2-Stroke race bike.

This is a 2006 Yamaha YZ 250 built by Baja Dad Race Prep for Tanner to race in the 2015 race season. Before this bike was prepped by us, it had a fair share of time and wear on it. With a bit of hard work we turned an average motorcycle into a great looking race bike.


2015 Best in the Desert Henderson 250 and 2014 Vegas to Reno race bike.

This is a 2014 KTM 250 XCW that Troy Vanscourt, and Austin Bolton raced in 2014. Tyler Vanscourt and Austin Boltin raced it again in 2015. Baja Dad Race Prep did an excellent job prepping this bike both times which allowed our riders to bring home second place in the 250 Expert class at V2R in 2014 and 1st place in the 300 expert class at the Henderson 250. When we recieved this bike it was a freshie! By adding an FMF pipe/silencer, IMS tank/footpegs, Seat Concepts seat, Warp 9 wheels with a Supersprox sprocket, and a set of custom ZLT graphics, it was race ready.

Mark Vanscourts  2007 YZ 250

We got this bike a few months into the 2015 race season and prepped it for Baja Dad himself! Fortunately, when we got his bike it was in great condition, but of course we had to take it to the next level! First, we stripped it down and replaced the top end. We also had the fork tubes anodized black and installed black UFO Plastics with yellow fenders. Our friends at Scalvini helped us out with a hand welded cone pipe and we added the P3 Carbon pipe gaurd. The bike has an IMS tank and footpegs, a Seat Concepts seat, and Warp 9 gold wheels! To top it off we installed a set of custom Baja Dad Race Prep Graphics done by ZLT.


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